Cash Stack to the Sovereign Stack Revamped Design


After much thought and undergoing the design thinking process, I was able to generate a new refreshed look of the classic cash stack logo. This design holds a nostalgic feeling for many of the people who have supported Riches & Royalty from the beginning. The brand was started back in 2010 without having too much of solid direction for the brand identity. However, now the brand identity and vision has evolved, which cannot be any clearer. I look forward to where we can take the R&R brand together with your support.

The goal for the revamped design of the cash stack logo was to create a more sleek and refined logo that is subtle with the modern times. Although the logo still contains a stack of money on a t-shirt. The meaning of the brand should not be lost. It is important to understand that many of us want generational wealth and success, but we have to stack up in different areas of our lives to achieve that stack of money. It will be very special to see how people who have supported R&R from the beginning will now embrace the new design, identity, and vision.